I am an illustrator and teacher from North London with roots in the coast of North West Spain. I am a lover of wildlife, bright colours and breton stripes.


My artwork has always been inspired by the animal kingdom but as my interests have developed so has my style. The sea has always fascinated me, as do the creatures that call it home. I find myself drawn to the sea again and again for inspiration, and I love learning about new sea creatures, particularly the mysterious denizens of the deepest ocean.


I am saddened and angered by the damage we’re doing to the world’s oceans. I can’t bear the thought of a world without a humpback’s song, a crab’s scuttle or a sea slug’s vivid colours.


Horrified by the impact of our use of plastics is having to sealife I have made an effort to eradicate plastic from my life and also my business. I do my best to use packaging that is 100% recyclable or made from recycled materials; even my cellophane wrapping is biodegradable.


To help spread awareness of this issue I have committed to donating a percentage of my profits to the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading charity which aims to educate and protect.


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