I love working on commissions and creating a beautiful original piece of art for someone. This might be a personalisation of one of my illustrations, or a brand new piece.  Whichever you choose, please be aware that it does take time and therefore needs to be priced accordingly. When you commission me to create a unique illustration, my most common requests are for sea creatures and other animals, I will spend some time researching and practising before sending you some draft sketches or paintings. Depending on what else I'm working on, and how complex the commission, it can take anywhere between a week to a month to complete.

I start my prices for an individual A4 animal illustration at £75, not including postage. This is for an unframed, original watercolour, ink or digital illustration. Prices increase for more detail or animals and of course for larger or more detailed pieces. I ask for a non-refundable 30% deposit before I start working; this is to ensure that I am paid for materials and time spent planning and preparing, and to reassure you as my client that I am invested in working on your project.

In order for me to give you a realistic quote please give me as much information as possible, for example:

- who the illustration is for

- when you need it by

- what size you’d like

- whether you’d like it in a similar style to any of my other illustrations

Bear with me while I try and work out exactly what you're after so that we're both happy.

If you would like to commission a piece of work or would like a quote for a commission please contact me at